Liz Benigno

a view from the porch

I began my career as an elementary teacher in east Austin. Fresh out of The University of Texas at Austin and newly married I taught Kindergarten and second grade for five years.  I taught until my first child was born and then chose to stay home with her; Joanie’s brother Joseph quickly followed. 

When Joanie and Joseph were in elementary school I went back to work at their school, a private school here in Austin Texas.  I am currently a vice-principal of the high school.  I often scratch my head at the thought that I used to teach 5 year-olds.  I love knowing the Lord equips us for what He needs us to do.  This is my mission field and I am humbled and grateful that He allows me to not only do his work but to also love it. 

I met and fell in love with Steve Benigno while in high school and we eventually married in 1988.  We have two children, Joanie and Joseph.  Joanie is married (to her high school sweetheart) and living on the west coast and Joseph is a senior at Texas A&M.

I am about finding, using and growing from the practical wisdom of everyday life.  I'm about paying attention to God's lesson plans and learning from them.  I have a passion for the adolescent, and for supporting and encouraging marriage.  I am also about observing, cooking, teaching, healing and Netflix.   

What are you about?  How can I encourage you to be brave, confident and grateful for the lesson plans God is using in your life?