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Roller Coaster Rides

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I love roller coaster rides.  The buckling in, the giggly anticipation, the whipy, wild wind in your face exhilaration.

I hate roller coaster rides.  The dread of being buckled in, the nausea inducing fear as you anticipate all the highs, lows, dips, twists and turns.  Wishing it was over before it even begins.

I got on a roller coaster ride this morning.  Hair all over my pillow, the sheets, the bath rug.  Clumps and clumps in the shower.  I hate this roller coaster ride.  It makes me feel sick, and nervous.  I'm unsure of what's around the bend.  The highs are too high and the lows are too low. 

This isn't just about cancer.  It's about the season of life that whips you around and leaves you feeling dizzy. Young marriage or empty nesting marriage, parenting the exhausting age of toddlers or the exhausting age of teenagers? New job, new boyfriend, illness, divorce, airplane rides.  Every roller coaster ride is a mixture of both.  Intoxicating, energizing, frightening, exhausting.

We want easy, happy, light, success and sunshine.  He has us climb mountains, ride the rapids, repel from cliffs.  His path is the hold-on-tight path that requires squeezing tight.  He wants us to lean in, listen and learn and cling.  To see what He sees.  Roller coaster rides are designed to grow us, to ready us, to help someone else recognize that they aren't sitting alone in the seat.

Speaking of seats you know what's great about roller coaster rides?  There are plenty of seats.  Roller coasters are designed for friends.  So the next time the Lord says, "Buckle up we're going for a ride" take some good friends with you. Bring the friends who will remind you of what is good, true and beautiful, encourage you, admonish you, lift you up, and give you a good shake if you need it!  But save the front seat, right there next to you, for God.

I know this ride sounds only awful, but it isn't.  Next week I'll tell you about wigs.  And the hilarious, bonding, moment between two women.  Very different yet every bit the same.

Behold, God is my salvation;  I will trust, and will not be afraid.  Isaiah 12:2