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I want you to read every word my father-in-law wrote to his wife Ann.

Isn't it crazy romantic? Here's the best part~ This note was written by George just last year which means he was 81 years old and still "hopelessly in love" with Ann.

They met at an Easter dance at St. Ignatius church. He was a senior in high school and Ann a sophomore. All the girls were piled up on one side of the dance floor with the boys on the other.  Ann vividly remembers George sauntering over and saying, (what for it..) "Would you like to dance, you look like a wall-flower" Before she could react he grabbed her hand, wrapped his arm around her waist and started dancing. She caught her breath and said, "Hey!!" But, he laughed. And his smile, and oh those eyes. That was it. They spent the rest of the evening together and there they went. 

The story of George and Ann really isn't so different from anyone of us. They met, married, and built a life together. They have had some great ups and some really lousy downs. But, through all the extenuating circumstances that can make marriage stale, boring or really hard both George and Ann knew who to put first. Each other. Ann came before anybody else. And George came before anybody else (including six children). 

So for this Valentine"s Day let's forget about the showy acts of love, the expected expensive dinners and soon to be dead flowers. Let's spend Valentine's Day actually loving well.

This is the poem George wrote to Ann last year on Valentine's Day:

In one word~  Unbelievable

In two words~ Unbelievable, Unbelievable 

In three words ~ I love you

In four words~ Loving you is joyous

In five words ~Every day brings my happiness 

In six words ~ You are my life and treasure 

My beloved father-in-law George passed away last July.

We love because He first loved us   1John 4:19