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Dear Young Marrieds

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Dear Young Marrieds~
Oh my goodness I have been to a lot of weddings this fall. All lovely in their own right. Each wedding with it's own personal stamp; barefoot brides, haute couture brides, country clubs, villas, industrial loft spaces and farmhouse settings. From full course service, to fried chicken with homemade pies. It's all been so dreamy and romantic.

My heart aches with tenderness toward you. Your little bitty newborn marriage is so squeaky fresh, and hopeful and full of promise. I want to thank you. You Young Marrieds have a way of breathing life into us Old Marrieds. Your enthusiasm and joy for one another, your quick way of serving one another, the tilted heads and shared secrets. It's adorable and convicting. So if you catch me leaving a cocktail* on my front walkway, or whispering to Steve in a public spaces, or leaping off the couch to fetch him something it's because of you and your enthusiastic kindness toward one another. 

And when your dreams begin to crash and life begins to shift and you feel less inclined to fetch and serve and whisper find an Old Married you admire and ask them how (and why) in the world have they managed it all these years. 

*The photo is from my newly married niece Annie who left this icy cold one for her husband to find after work. Notice the note (CRAZY ADORABLE RIGHT!?) 

Therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate

Mark 10:9